10 Things to Know About a Home Appraisal


A Clean House Makes a Big Difference

teen mopping floor
Although ideally the cleanliness of the house shouldn't affect its value, it can affect your appraiser's opinion of it, so make it look good. Andersen Ross/Getty Images

The appraiser is going to be at your house in about 20 minutes and you're already running around like a crazy person. So is it really important to get the dirty laundry out of the overstuffed hampers and sweep up all the dog hair and dust bunnies? Yes, yes, yes! True, your home is appraised based on the square footage, number of rooms and amount of land, so technically, your housekeeping skills don't count. But appraisers are human, and they're bound to be influenced by a big mess.

Appraiser trainer Noble Fields says that appraisers appreciate being able to move through the house freely without having to step over and around piles of clothes and other obstacles. Anything you can do to help your home get valued at the top of the range versus the bottom is worth the extra effort.