5 Staging Do's and Don'ts


Do Stick With Neutrals

As mentioned earlier, home staging isn't another term for design overhaul. But if your dwelling needs a more dramatic makeover to transition it from family crash pad to model home, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders. Better yet, painting can have as much as a 150 percent return on investment. But if you're playing with color, stick with neutrals. Creams, beiges and soft browns can brighten a room without overpowering it.

Remember that the goal of successful staging is an attractive living area that people can envision themselves in. Choosing a bold palette may alienate prospective buyers, and too much color contrast can distract. To spice up a space, rely on tasteful furniture and accessories to do the heavy lifting. Professional home stagers may recommend renting upscale furnishing to create the polished effect. This may seem like a gratuitous expense, but if your high-class d├Ęcor fetches a higher offer for the home, you'll save money in the end.