Trees, Shrubs and Vines

Trees, shrubs and vines are a key element of a beautiful home that you shouldn't underestimate. Learn everything you need to know about trees, shrubs and vines.


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Winter Honeysuckle

Winter honeysuckle, aptly named for its wintertime blooms, reaches perhaps 10 feet vertically and horizontally. Though it doesn't change color in autumn, it does bear a strong fragrance. Learn how to use it as a border.

Pittosporum: A Profile of a Shrub

Pittosporum carries the same scent as the orange blossom. Branch exposure changes as the plant matures and in part makes it a good garden accoutrement. Learn more about experimenting with Pittosporum displays.

Reeves Skimmia: A Profile of a Shrub

Reeves skimmia begins the growing season with white flowers and then bears fruit until winter, making for interesting garden decor. Pruning is minimal. Learn more about the variety of functions for reeves skimmia.

Bird's Nest Spruce

Bird's nest spruce, a small conifer, is a good choice for rock gardens. In this article, learn about planting, growing, propagating, and using bird's nest spruce.

Common Alder Tree

Common alder is an easy-to-grow tree that reaches 50 feet. It has deciduous, dark green leaves and conelike brown fruits. Common alder is great for wet conditions and prefers some shade.

Common Apple

Common apple trees are small to medium trees that bear pretty white flowers in spring and colorful and edible fruit in fall. These trees are usually round-topped with a short trunk and spreading branches.

Common Hackberry Tree

Common hackberry trees are particularly resilient. In fall they produce red to dark purple berries and their bright green leaves turn yellow. They are great for attracting birdlife.

American Holly Tree

American holly comes in more than 1,000 varieties. With leaves like Christmas holly and red berries (on female plants), they are beautiful and attract birds throughout winter.

Amur Maple Tree

Amur maple is a small deciduous tree. The leaves, which turn scarlet in fall, are small for a maple, toothed, and have three main lobes. A good tree for small spaces.

Bald Cypress Tree

The bald cypress is strongly associated with the South but is hardy and adaptable to most of the country. It has a pyramidal shape with short green needles and fibrous bark.

Black Walnut Tree

Black walnut is a large tree with an oval crown and black trunk and stems. It produces edible, though very well protected, nuts. It is best used as a specimen tree.

Carolina Silverbell Tree

The Carolina silverbell is a small tree that matures to a round-headed form. The name is suggestive of the wedding-bell-shaped flowers that cover it in spring, while seed pods are decorative in fall.

Common Persimmon Tree

Common persimmon is a large fruit tree. It is very colorful in fall with yellow to purple leaves and yellowish fruits. The fruits must be exposed to frost before being harvested.

Deodar Cedar Tree

Deodar cedars, also called California Christmas trees, have fragrant wood and graceful branches. With soft needles in dense bunches, it is a very elegant evergreen. Use as a specimen tree or for screening.

Dove Tree

The dove tree is a collector's item. It is adorned by bracts of small, yellow balls of lowers with two white leaves hanging from them. It should be used as a specimen or accent tree.

American Arborvitae Tree

American arborvitae tree is an extremely slow-growing tree. It has scalelike, dark green leaves that turn brownish green in winter. Learn to use American arborvitae tree as a hedge, a windbreak, or a foundation plant.

Willow Oak Tree

Willow oak tree combines the leaves of a willow tree with the trunk and branches of an oak. Learn how to grow and maintain this unique tree in your yard or garden.

Sassafras Tree

Sassafras tree is a fruit tree with uniquely variable leaves that adapts well to many soil conditions. Learn how to grow and maintain the distinctive sassafras tree in your yard or garden.

Pecan Tree

The pecan tree is a massive, lush shade tree ideal for large spaces. It is prized for producing delicious nuts. Learn how to grow and maintain the rewarding pecan tree.

Shagbark Hickory Tree

Shagbark hickory tree grows up to 80 feet, and creates a dense anopy of shade by the time it reaches maturity. Learn how to grow and maintain shagbark hickory tree in your yard or garden.

Silk Tree

Silk tree is the heartiest mimosa and adds a tropical flair to northern gardens. Learn how to grow and maintain silk tree and enjoy the pink powderpuff blooms in your yard.

Sourwood Tree

Sourwood tree has glossy, sour-tasting leaves that were once used in medicinal tonics. Learn how to grow and maintain sourwood tree and cultivate its bell-shaped summer flowers in your yard or garden.

Southern Yellow Pine Tree

Southern yellow pine tree is known for its very long needles, which are often cut and used as Christmas decorations. Learn how to grow and use southern yellow pine tree.

Sweet Gum Tree

Sweet gum tree is a tall majestic tree that has maple-like leaves that turn yellow to red in the fall. Learn how to grow sweet gum tree in your yard or garden.

Sweet Orange Tree

Sweet orange tree provides attractive foliage year-round, blooming with delicate flowers and growing vibrant, delicious fruit. Learn how to grow and use sweet orange tree in your yard or garden.