How many different types of magnetic screwdriver bits are there?

If you sit down with a calculator and figure out how many different types of screws there are, you'll have an idea of how many different types of magnetic screwdriver bits are needed to match up with the screws. If you flip through the pages of a catalog that sells tools, you'll see sets of magnetic screwdriver bits that contain 16 pieces, 59 pieces, 100 pieces or even more! If you're looking for jeweler's screwdriver bits, Phillips screwdriver bits, precision bits, security bits, home repair bits, gunsmithing bits, cellphone bits or bits that are suitable for your appliance manufactured in the U.S. but for overseas usage, worry not - if a screw exists for use in just about any appliance, there's probably a screwdriver bit that's been perfectly made for it. Aside from the different types of screwdriver bits available, don't forget that most of the different screws also come in a variety of different sizes.

If you'd like to temporarily magnetize a regular screwdriver, just take a powerful magnet and rub it briskly along the shank of the screwdriver around six to eight times. Don't move it back and forth; just rub it one way, as if you're peeling a carrot. To get rid of the magnetism, you can drop the screwdriver on the floor a few times or knock it against the table. Why would you want to get rid of the magnetism? If you're working around a computer or another device that could be damaged by the magnetism, you'll want just a regular screwdriver. The advantage of a magnetized screwdriver is that it does a good job holding onto the screw, particularly at the start of the screwing action and if the screw is a small one.