What the purpose of a swimming pool cover pump?

A swimming pool cover keeps rain and debris out of an outdoor pool when it's not in use. It also effectively maintains the water's temperature and prevents evaporation as well. However, it's challenging to remove the pool cover, especially when it's full of rain. A swimming pool cover pump removes water from the pool cover quickly and effectively. Although swimming pool cover pumps are costly, they're cheaper than hiring a swimming pool company to remove the water professionally. Another advantage of owning your own pool cover pump is that you can remove the water from your pump cover occasionally throughout the year instead of once a season. This way the weight of the accumulated water won't damage the pool cover.

Swimming pool cover pumps are measured by how many gallons they can pump per hour (GPH). The higher the GPH, the quicker the pump works. Swimming pool cover pumps are compact, lightweight and easy to use. They're made of sturdy material and contain an attached garden hose that pumps the water out. In addition, some pumps work even when submerged in water and collect leaves and debris from the cover. The higher-quality pumps are electronically controlled, which makes them more energy-efficient.


Pool cover pumps are available with either a manual or automatic system. Manual system pumps are less expensive, although you physically have to turn the system on and off yourself. Automatic systems, on the other hand, detect when the cover needs to be pumped -- for example, after rain -- and they automatically remove the water. In houses where there are pets and young children around, it's safer to rely on automatic pool pumps to prevent unnecessary puddles. In addition, automatic pool cover pumps turn off when the water reaches below a certain level so it won't damage the plastic on the cover by continuously pumping when the cover is drained or when the temperatures are below freezing.