How to Organize Your Closet

Having a clean storage space doesn't have to be a complicated process. Learn more about organizing your closets in an orderly manner.

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­Once you decide­ to get organized, the hardest step to take is committing yourself to the first organizing project. After that, the rest is easy; it's simply a matter of learning the principles of organizing, following a sensible sequence in organizing, and visualizing and defining a precise objective. In this article we will reveal some valuable tips when it comes to organizing your closet.

You have two options for organizing: You can either do it yourself or call in a professional organizer. Most professional organizing companies are limited to dealing w­ith closets or garages, leaving the rest of the house to your own devices. Some companies may help with custom cabinetry for dens, kitchens, or bathrooms, and their professional designers can help with pricing and selection of materials. But this type of help has little or nothing to do with the principles of organizing.

Evaluate each of the areas you plan to organize and determine which one causes the most distress; start by organizing that. If you are using outside help, formulate a list of specific requirements you consider vital to the good use of the space, the protection of your possessions, and your own peace of mind. It's a good idea to consult with two or three different organizing firms before choosing one. And do some research on your own to gain as much knowledge on the subject as possible. Don't be hesitant about discussing and listening to suggestions; the more information and strategies you digest, the better the outcome will be.

Remember, you have the final word on every decision. Don't automatically accede to every recommendation the representative makes unless you understand and agree with the reason for its inclusion. (Do the same for your own personal design.) You will regret it later if you simply turn the matter over to a consultant. You must be involved, since only you know your needs and preferences.