5 Benefits of Induction Cooktops

Induction cooking is speedier than both gas and electric.
Induction cooking is speedier than both gas and electric.

Boiling water is quicker in Paris than it is in Buffalo.

It takes less time to sauté vegetables, brown chicken and bring soup to serving temperature, too.

It has nothing to do with location, of course, and everything to do with technology, specifically the induction cooktop. This type of stove is pretty rare in America but is common in European restaurants and homes, and it has little in common with electric and gas. Induction cooking uses electromagnetism to heat pots and pans, and it accomplishes the task significantly faster.

But speed is just one of the benefits. So, if induction cooking is so great, why isn't it everywhere? Price, mostly. Still, as people begin to put more money into their kitchens and the prices of induction cooktops start to inch downward, the U.S. has taken notice.

Here, five reasons why a lot of people are willing to spend more on this piece of cooking equipment, beginning with what's probably the most practical one: Induction, as we already mentioned, is really fast.