Top 5 Materials Used in Patios



Stone offers a natural and durable option for the creation of a patio. Liz Birkholz, 2010-2011 vice-president elect of communications for the American Society of Landscape Architects, recommends going with a local stone because it will be more environmentally friendly and also more likely to blend into your backyard setting. Some common varieties of natural stone used for patios include slate, quartzite, bluestone and limestone [sources: Outdoor Living].

Natural stone can also fit into a garden setting because of its natural hues. "It (natural stone) will definitely last longer and hold its color longer than any of the other materials," says Thomas Tavella, president of Tavella Design Group.

While homeowners may be attracted by the look and durability of stone, its irregular surfaces can make for a rough walking area. It can also be heavy and, due to the irregular shapes, stone can be difficult to fit together when laying out the patio. Above all, cost can be a large factor. Stone patios are usually more expensive than concrete pavers or poured concrete.

Now, let's take a look at a less expensive option.