5 Tips to Install a Fireplace on Your Deck

This fireplace perfectly complements the outdoor patio.
This fireplace perfectly complements the outdoor patio.
Blend Images/Trinette Reed/Thinkstock

Many decks go sorely unused, home to only a smattering of chairs, a table and a bug-repelling candle or two. Yet if done right, a fireplace can transform a seldom-used deck into a popular gathering place for everyone in your household. It can also add unparalleled ambiance, lighting, heat and marshmallow-toasting functionality to your outdoor entertaining area. Plus, the fireplace can make the space functional during the frosty winter months, when it would otherwise be totally abandoned.

Although deck fireplaces can be built or commissioned in a variety of styles and price ranges, they do tend to be much more expensive than fire pits or portable fireplaces. Since installing a fireplace is such a significant investment, do your homework first to make sure that you get exactly what you want. Once installed, a fireplace is pricey and difficult to replace. Keep reading for our tips to help you get on the right track to toasty warm entertaining.

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