5 Ways Double Ovens Make Life Easier

Bigger is Better

Whether you have a family, love to entertain or want to be able to produce gourmet meals, a double oven gives you the extra space you need to produce the quantity and quality of food you want.

For example, consider a family dinner where you can cook a roast, in its huge pan, in the lower oven while a green bean casserole and potatoes cook in the top oven -- and it doesn't take you all day or require you to reheat the veggies in the microwave before serving. Or take Uncle Vinnie's 65th birthday dinner when you're entertaining 25 members with homemade lasagna; two trays in the bottom oven and two in the top, and you'll have everyone sitting down at the same time rather than eating in shifts. The sheer quantity of dishes and food you can cook at one time makes the double oven worth its weight in gold.

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