What's the advantage to bottom freezer refrigerators?

bottom-freeze refrigerator
Bottoms Up! Stay on trend with a bottom freeze refrigerator.

When refrigerators first came on the scene, they had a single door and freezers weren't even an option. Once the freezer was worked into the plan, you either had a freezer on top or a French door style that quickly became the standard, with the fridge cooler on one side ( usually the right), and the freezer on the other.

But these days, the bottom freezer design has become increasingly popular. In these models, the upper portion is divided into either a single wide door or two French doors for refrigeration and the freezer is located in a drawer underneath. Some units even further divide the bottom into two freezer drawers.


So, why are bottom freezer drawers so popular? Enthusiasts point to a few advantages these units have over their freezer-on-top cousins. For one, the freezer bottom layout puts the food and beverages consumed most often within easy reach. Frozen foods are used less, so having them at the bottom leaves plenty of room for all of the fresh foods and beverages being refrigerated at eye level. This means no more kneeling down to get into the vegetable drawer.

Another plus to this design is that the fridge portion is double-wide, making it possible to store larger items like pizza boxes or party trays. Bottom freezer drawer models are also generally a little more efficient than French door units. Everybody knows that warm air rises, so it just makes sense to have the coldest items at the bottom of the unit.

In the end, it really comes down to personal preference, but you can't argue with the popularity of bottom freezer designs. You'll end up paying a little more for these models, but it might be worth it to keep that ice cream a little more out of reach.


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