Are washer/dryer combination machines energy efficient?

Washer/dryer combinations can be an energy-efficient option. See more green living pictures.
Photo courtesy of LG

Don't have room for a washer and a dryer in your small laundry room? A washer/dryer combination is one machine that washes and dries clothes all in the same unit. This product is relatively new in the U.S. market, and it offers twice the performance in about half the space of a traditional, side-by-side set-up.

This handy all-in-one appliance is not the same as the stackable units you might see with a washer on the bottom and a dryer on top. In fact, a combo unit looks a lot like an ordinary dryer, since it's about the same size and even has a round door on the front that opens to the inner chamber where the clothes go.

Special settings can include delicates, timed drying and extra rinse. Some units offer a special steam-wash feature that can do a number of things, such as upgrading the machine's ability to whiten laundry without bleach, reducing wrinkles and improving the washer's overall performance. But how does it compare in efficiency to regular washer/dryer sets?

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