Annual Gardens

Annual gardens can brighten your exterior with beautiful flowers. Learn how to plan and plant annual gardens.


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Annual Beard Tongue

Annual beard tongue is a languid annual that produces flowers of various colors, including pink, white and blue. Learn how to grow and maintain beard tongue.

Bells of Ireland, Shell Flower, Molucca Balm

Bells of Ireland, also known as shell flower and molucca balm, is a white to green flowering annual native to western Asia. Learn how to grow bells of Ireland.

None So Pretty

As its name implies, none so pretty is a highly-decorative annual flower that does great in containers and mixed with other flowers. Learn about planting, growing, and using none so pretty in your garden.

Annual Black-Eyed Susan, Gloriosa Daisy

Most of know that these bright annuals do well in large containers and are good cut flowers. When planting them, consider any sunny location is ideal. Beds, borders, and planting strips or embedded with ornamental grasses is recommended.

Ornamental Cabbage, Ornamental Kale

Ornamental cabbage, sometimes called ornamental kale, makes a lovely accent for your garden instead of your dinner table. In this article, learn about planting and growing ornamental cabbage, ornamental kale in your flower garden.

Blanket Flower

Blanket flower beautiful yellow and orange annual flower that is unique in vibrancy and complexity. Learn how to grow and maintain blanket flower.

Blue Marguerite

Blue marguerite is a blue to purple annual native to South Africa. Learn how to grow and maintain blue marguerite as a garden border or in combination with other flowers, only at HowStuffWorks.

Caladium Hortulanum

Caladium hortulanum is a distinctive flowering grass that provides depth and color to any garden. Learn how to grow caladium hortulanum.

Ornamental Corn

Ornamental corn lends a colorful accent to a dining room centerpiece or a holiday decorations. In this article, learn about planting, growing, propagating, and using ornamental corn in your garden.

California Blue Bells

California blue bells are a charming blue to purple annual flower that delights garden lovers everywhere. Learn how to grow California blue bells.

Calla, Calla Lily

Calla, also called calla lily, is a uniquely beautiful annual flower made famous by artist Georgia O'Keeffe. Learn how to grow calla lily.


Canna, a tall and vibrant annual flower, is an excellent centerpiece to any flower bed. Learn how to grow and maintain canna.

Cape Marigold, African Daisy, Star-of-the-Veldt

Cape marigold, also called African daisy and Star-of-the-Veldt, is a cheerful annual flower available in many colors. Learn how to grow cape marigold.

Castor Bean

Castor bean is an annual decorative grass that adds a splash of color to any flower arrangement. Learn how to grow and maintain castor bean.

China Pink

China pink is a captivating annual available in shades of pink and white. Learn how to grow and maintain China pink.

Chinese Forget-Me-Not, Hound's Tongue

Chinese forget-me-not, also called hound's tongue, is a distinctive plant that accentuates any garden. Learn how to grow Chinese forget-me-not.

Chinese Hibuscus, Hawaiian Hibiscus, Rose of China

Chinese hibiscus, also called Hawaiian hibiscus and rose of China, is a delicate flower rich in Vitamin C. Learn how to grow and maintain Chinese hibiscus.


Chrysanthemum is an adorable multi-colored annual flower with a unique shape and presentation. Learn how to grow chrysanthemum.

Corn Cockle

Corn cockle is a small yet distinctive annual flower that adds zest to any flower bed. Learn how to grow and maintain corn cockle.

Ornamental Grass

Ornamental grasses come in more than 100 varieties and have many functions in a well-designed garden. Learn how to grow and use ornamental grasses.

English Daisy

English daisy is a distinctive, memorable flower that adds pizazz to any flower bed. Learn how to grow and use English daisy.


Echium is a unique plant native to England that produces pink and purple flowers. Learn how to grow and maintain echium.

Everlastings, Strawflowers

Everlasting, also called strawflowers, are a unique bloom that comes in many varieties, and are a beautiful addition to any floral arrangement or bouquet. Learn how to grow and maintain everlastings.

Flowering Maple

Flowering maple is a delicate annual flower that adds gentle beauty to any garden. Learn how to grow and use flowering maple.


Forget-me-not is an essential flowering annual for the gardener with flair. Learn how to grow and use forget-me-not.