Annual Gardens

Annual gardens can brighten your exterior with beautiful flowers. Learn how to plan and plant annual gardens.

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Fuchsia, Lady's Ear Drops

Fuchsia, also called lady's ear drop, is a delicate annual that draws attention to any flower bed. Learn how to grow and use fuchsia.

Gladiolus, Glad

Gladiolus, also called glad, is a traditional annual with a classic beauty. Learn how to grow and use gladiolus.

Godetia, Farewell-To-Spring, Clarkia

Godetia, also called farewell-to-spring and clarkia, is a distinguished multi-colored annual that brings life to flower beds. Learn to grow godetia.

Annual Candytuft

Annual candytuft is an informal annual that's ideal for edging walkways and flowerbeds. Learn about growing, propagating, and using annual candytuft at HowStuffWorks.

African Daisy

Native to South Africa, the African Daisy brings a vibrant splash of yellow or orange to any flower bed. Learn how to grow African daisy at HowStuffWorks.

Iceland Poppy

Iceland poppy is an annual flower that is best started fresh each year. Their thin petals glisten in full sun, looking like tissue paper. Learn about growing and using Iceland poppies.

Ivy-Leaf Geranium

Ivy-leaf geranium is an annual flower with long, trailing stems, which makes it a great container or window box plant. It thrives sunny locations and cool climates. Learn more about ivy-leaf geranium.

Larkspur, Annual Delphinium

Larkspur, annual delphinium blooms in a variety of pastel colors. This tall, spiky flower prefers moist soil and full sun, and grows best in a cool climate. Learn more about larkspur, annual delphinium.

Livingstone Daisy

Livingstone daisy is a ground-hugging annual flower that needs full sun. The dark centers of these flowers are surrounded by petals in a wide range of colors, from pink to orange. Learn about Livingstone daisies.


Lupines can be both annual and perennial flowers. They bear pea-shaped flowers in a variety of colors. Lupines prefer full sun and continuous moisture, blooming in May and June. Learn more about lupines.

Mallow, Cheese

Mallow is a native of Europe grown as an annual. It has purple, pink, and lavender flowers often veined with a darker color, and requires full sun and plenty of water to thrive. Learn more about mallow.

Mexican Tulip Poppy

Mexican tulip poppy is an annual that has yellow and orange flowers all summer through autumn. It requires full sun, thrives in containers, and can be used for cutting. Learn about Mexican tulip poppy.

Monkey Flower

Monkey flower is a low-growing annual flower that brightens up a shady area with bright colors and unusual marking. Perfect for containers, it thrives near water or in cool climates. Learn about monkey flower.


Nemesia originates in South Africa and prefers cool climates, full sun, and well-drained soil. It blooms in a range of colors, and is ideal for rock gardens and containers. Learn more about nemesia.

Morning Glory Vine

Morning glory vine is a great, multicolor annual flower that will grow almost anywhere. In this article, learn about planting, growing, propagating, and using morning glory vine in your flower garden.

New Guinea Impatiens

Looking for a great multicolor annual flower that is highly colorful but also low-maintenance? Try New Guinea impatiens. In this article, learn about planting, growing, propagating, and using New Guinea impatiens in your flower garden.

Horned Poppy, Sea Poppy

Horned poppy, or sea poppy, is an annual flower native to Europe, North Africa, and eastern Asia, partly naturalized in North America. These golden-yellow flowers need full sun. Learn about growing and using horned poppies.

Calendula, Pot Marigold

Calendula, or pot marigold, is an old-fashioned herb and a hardy annual in sunny shades of yellow, buff, orange, and apricot. It's easy to grow. Find out more about this edible flower.

Capsicum, Peppers

Plant some peppers in pots or rows for a fresh update to your garden. Capsicum peppers are bright and cheery, but be careful of the heat when you cook them!

California Poppy

California poppy is an orange annual flower that carpets the California hillsides in early spring. Garden forms are hardy. Colors include buff, yellow, orange, peach, red, and pink. Learn about this golden flower.


Celosia is an annual flower with silky blooms and a wide choice of appearance, size, and color. Celosia can be seen in large flower clusters and velvety cockscomb. Learn about celosia.

Cleome, Spider Flower

Cleome, or spider flower, is an annual flower known for its exceedingly long seedpods. They develop below the flowers to give the plants a spidery look. Find out more about Cleome.


Coleus is an annual flower that is a colorful classic with serrated leaves on branching plants. Coleus is a member of the mint family. Find out more about this flower.

Coreopsis (Annual)

Coreopsis is an annual flower with bright daisy-like petals in warm colors of yellow, orange and pink. This quick grow plant is perfect for meadow gardens and bouquets. Learn more about the coreopsis.


Cosmos is one of the fastest-growing annual flowers. Some varieties reach up to six feet. The daisy-like cosmos come in pink, red, white, and lavender with a yellow center. Discover the cosmos.