How Chain Saws Work

Lumberjack using chainsaw to fall a tree
The chainsaw is a handy tool in the yard but use it with caution. Roy Morsch / Getty Images

­Whether you are a homeowner cleaning up a few trees and limbs in the yard, a farmer cutting firewood and keeping the pasture clear, or a firefighter cutting a firebreak for a forest fire, you know how handy a chain saw can be!

Chain saws are also great when you are interested in getting up close and personal with gasoline power. If you want to see a basic two-stroke engine in its simplest application, then a chain saw is the best place to start! In this article, we'll learn about chain saws and two-stroke engines by completely dismantling a typical 16-inch chain saw. You will also learn how magnetos, centrifugal clutches and carbs work in the process!