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Blueberries are midsized shrubs that have clusters of white, bell-like flowers in spring and edible blueberries in summer. Leaves are pointed ovals, green and a bit leathery, that turn crimson in the fall. Depending on the variety, the dense shrubs are two to five feet tall and almost as wide. A mature bush can produce ten quarts of berries or more per year.

How to grow: The named varieties will produce the best-tasting fruit. Plant in well-drained, very acidic soil in full sun or bright partial shade. Little or no pruning is needed. Plant several types together for good pollination.


Uses: Blueberries are easy to include in the landscape the same way you would use azaleas. They can be part of shrub borders and also grow well in bright partial shade at the edge of wooded areas.

Related varieties: Highbush or rabbiteye blueberries grow farther south than other types. Bluecrop, Herbert, and Early Bluejay are good producers. Elliott S. H. is self-pollinating.

Scientific name: Vaccinium species


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