What are diamond drill bits?

Most do-it-yourselfers have a power drill in their toolboxes, along with an assortment of drill bits. The most used of those bits are likely the twist bits, which are the ones with a sharp point and two flutes spiraling up the sides. People used to drilling wood are liable to be familiar with the brad point bits, Forstner bits and auger bits. Plus, the driving bits are popular for quickly screwing Phillips head screws into place. But the diamond drill bits might be less familiar to casual handymen.

A diamond drill bit is a helpful tool when it comes to making holes in hard non-wood surfaces such as ceramic, porcelain, glass, stone, marble and granite. Diamond drill bits get their extra cutting power from little pieces of diamond powder embedded in them. These drill bits, whether twisted or cylindrical, are particularly useful in bathroom applications where you have to drill through tiles to mount towel racks and vanities. Some diamond drill bits require water or another coolant to lubricate the bit as it makes its way through tough materials.


Diamond drill bits come in range of sizes, typically up to about 2 inches (5 centimeters). The smallest diamond drill bits are used by jewelers and watchmakers to make holes in beads and other hard surfaces. However, diamond core drill bits can be much larger. Core drill bits are hollow in the middle and drill by cutting a hole out of the material being drilled; they also produce a single "plug," which is the circle it cut out. When it comes to choosing the right diamond drill bit, different factors come into play, including the material you plan to drill and what kind of hole you need.