Are drill bits universal?

Many jobs around the house will demand a hole being drilled at some point, whether you plan to hang a picture, install shelving or build new cabinets. Having a drill bit that can be used to accomplish most jobs around the house will make completing these projects quick, easy, successful and possibly even fun. Thanks to the ever-expanding home improvement market, the demand for quality tools for the non-professional worker is increasing, and companies have introduced universal tools that can be used for a variety of different jobs. Universal drill bits, which are available at local home improvement and hardware stores, can be used to drill holes in a variety of materials, from wood to concrete. However, some may not be suitable for drilling into more fragile materials such as ceramics and glass.

Having universal drill bits means that you do not have to own a separate drill bit to match each type of material you intend to drill into (unless you are drilling into glass or ceramics). Quality universal drill bits are not cheap and should therefore be stored and maintained appropriately. Keep all drill bits securely fastened in a box. Letting them roll around may cause them to become blunt, which will in turn affect the quality of your work. In addition, be sure to sharpen the drill bits before they become blunt using appropriate sharpening tools.


Although universal drill bits can be pricey, it usually pays to invest in high-quality bits since they'll get a lot of use. Some universal drill bits have diamond-ground edges that can be even be used to drill into ceramics, stone, wood, metal, plastic, concrete and multilayer materials.