What kind of drill bits do I need for wood?

A metal drill bit making a hole in wood.
Drilling into wood requires specially designed wood bits. Witthaya Prasongsin / Getty Images

Drilling into wood can be done with specially designed wood bits, or with regular multipurpose twist bits. If you are using a regular drill bit, you have to stop and clean out debris from the hole as you go along. Flat wood bits are good for cutting larger holes, and spur point bits are good for making holes with smooth sides. Auger bits are specially designed to bore holes in both hard and soft woods. The cutting edge is fluted, which is designed to keep the hole clean of wood chip debris. Drill bits for wood have a sharp point for boring holes, as opposed to standard bits that are blunt on the end.

Drilling in wood requires precision so the wood won't shatter or splinter. The drill bit should go in straight, using a steady pressure. If you go in on an angle, you could splinter the wood, and if you drill too fast, the wood can burn.