Earth Star Plant

Earth star plant bears small flowers set in the center of a rosette of leaves.

Earth star plant is a type of bromeliad and is as such very easy to care for. It is, however, one of those house plants whose leaves are more interesting that its flowers.

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Earth stars bear low-growing rosettes of tough, pointed, prickly edged leaves, often with wavy margins. The leaves are usually strongly patterned, often with both longitudinal stripes and crossbars in everything from muted earth tones to shocking pink. Small, white but rather insignificant flowers are borne in the center of the rosette.

These bromeliads quickly form attractive clusters of plants, and most are small enough for a permanent home in dish gardens and terrariums.


Earth Star Plant Quick Facts

Scientific Name: Cryptanthus sp.

Common Names: Earth Star, Starfish Plant


Light Requirement for Earth Star Plant: Bright Light

Water Requirement for Earth Star Plant: Drench, Let Dry

Humidity for Earth Star Plant: High

Temperature for Earth Star Plant: House

Fertilizer for Earth Star Plant: High Nitrogen

Potting Mix for Earth Star Plant: All-Purpose

Propagation of Earth Star Plant: Division

Decorative Use for Earth Star Plant: Table, Terrarium

Care Rating for Earth Star Plant: Very Easy


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Learn how to care for house plants:

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