How to Care for House Plants

House plants are a nice addition to the home.
House plants are a nice addition
 to the home. See more pictures
of houses plants

The beauty of a garden doesn't just have to belong outside. You can bring the color, freshness and vitality of plants inside with house plants.

In this article, we will talk about lighting house plants, watering house plants, humidity for house plants, temperature for house plants, fertilzing house plants, potting house plants, grooming house plants, propagating house plants, decorating with house plants, preventing pests and diseases in house plants, and vacation care for house plants.

Scientific studies show that people are calmer, more efficient, and more satisfied with their lives when they have living plants around them. Tending to plants is known to be therapeutic, with beneficial effects on both our physical well-being and our mental health. There is also more and more proof that green plants filter common pollutants from the air around us.

Literally millions of house plants are sold across the country each year. Interior decorators feature them in all rooms of the house, and home decorating magazines never show a finished design without them. Indoor plants are readily available in nurseries, plant stores, supermarkets, and department stores.

Fortunately, growing house plants indoors isn’t difficult. In fact, it can be surprisingly simple. Armed with the knowledge of certain basic techniques, anyone can succeed in growing house plants. Learn how to use light for house plants in the next section.

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