10 Worst Plants for Your Allergies

Mountain Cedar

The mountain cedar, a type of juniper tree, is very common in the hills of Texas, Oklahoma mountains, and parts of the Ozarks. The tree spreads lots of pollen and therefore spreads aggressively. In fact, in Texas, there's much controversy about managing the tree's growth. People opposed to the cedar trees point out that the trees absorb a lot of ground water, especially in areas that have issues with water shortages. Also, their pollen production is so large that the trees prevent many people from enjoying outdoor activities.

Mountain cedar facts:

  • Appearance: These trees are usually pretty small and gnarled, with tiny leaves. The leaves release pollen. Then bluish, berrylike cones appear in the summer.
  • Peak time: Mountain cedars flower in winter, usually December and January.
  • Location: You'll find mountain cedars in Arkansas, Missouri, some parts of New Mexico, Oklahoma, and of course, Texas.

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