Growing Orchids

Temperature Requirements of Orchids

There's not just one temperature profile that makes all orchids happy, but it's safe to say that they all enjoy well-circulated air. The tag that comes on your plant or a discussion with the nursery where you buy your orchid will give you the details you need to determine the temperature preference of the orchid you select.  Here is some additional general information to get you started with understanding the temperature requirements of orchids.

Whether an elaborate greenhouse or just a simple window, orchids enjoy the cooler temperatures and circulating air near a window.
Whether you have an elaborate greenhouse or just a simple pane of glass, your
orchid will enjoy the cooler temperatures and circulating air found near a window.

Most orchids come from rain forests rather than from jungles, and a number of hardy orchids grow as far north as the Arctic Circle. When grown indoors or in a greenhouse, orchids are roughly grouped by their winter night temperature preferences:

  • Warm: Night temperature near 60 to 70°F; day temperature in the 80s.
  • Intermediate: Night temperature 55 to 60°F; day temperature 70 to 75°F. This group is the easiest to grow inside because their temperature preferences are so close to those of people.
  • Cool or Cold: Night temperature between 50 to 55°F; day temperature below 70°F. These orchids are hard to keep cool in the summer.

Inside the house, the temperature is cooler and air circulation is usually better near a window. Good air circulation not only cuts down the stuffy conditions that encourage disease, but also provides more carbon dioxide, which the orchids need in order to grow. As previously mentioned, orchids have a variety of temperature preferences, but none of them care for a stuffy environment.

So orchids should be placed near a window, but what kind of window? Continue to the next page to learn about the light orchids need.

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