10 Best Smelling Flowers

Frangipani blossoms float on water in Pattaya, Chonburi Province, Thailand. See more perennial flower pictures.
Pete Atkinson/Getty Images

Many favorite memories are triggered by our sense of smell, so it's no wonder that garden flowers are the source of many pleasant recollections. Remember the sweet scent of grandmother's old-fashioned pale pink roses that seemed to grow untamed in the back yard? Do you recall the exotic white blossoms of a magnolia tree in the heat of summer? How about the intoxicating aroma of tropical blooms that seemed to surround you on a trip to the islands?

Flowers are admired for their beauty, exquisite shapes and seemingly unending spectrum of colors, but some varieties are most loved and respected for their amazing scents. Some gardeners even plan their gardens to provide year-round sensory delights.

From the delicate scent of lily-of-the-valley to the heady aroma of wisteria and the soothing smell of jasmine, read on to learn more about 10 of the best smelling flowers.