Decorating a Bathroom

A large round tub in the middle of the bathroom makes a bold statement. ­

Decorating a bathroom, shopping for tile, fixtures, and other products can be great fun -- if you know what you're looking for and how it will meet your needs. Today's bath remodeling scene is so full of fabulous innovations and glamorous attractions, you're likely to be distracted if you don't shop with a plan.

So check out your options in terms of function and budget first. Then you can indulge in the fun of choosing among items you know you'll still feel good about years from now!

Selecting Bathroom Fixtures

With the perfect bathroom fixtures, you can create a bathroom of your design dreams. Learn more about different bathroom fixtures and which ones you just can't live without.

Finding the Right Fittings for Bathroom Spaces

Bathroom fittings are frequently referred to as the "jewelry" of the bathroom by interior designers. Find out how to choose fittings that fit your design plan.

Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

Bathroom cabinets provide storage and a place to hide those items you don't want on display. Check out these practical and pretty bathroom cabinet ideas.

Countertops for Bathrooms

Bathroom countertops range from luxurious marble (which may scratch) to durable laminates. Learn how to choose a countertop that's functional and attractive.

Floor and Wall Surfaces for Bathrooms

Diagonal floor tiles and vertical lines on the walls create the illusion of more space. Find out more about your bathroom floor and wallcovering options.

Bathrooms Lighting

Do you need lots of light to apply make-up? Do you want to stage a romantic mood around your two-person whirlpool tub? Learn how to manipulate lighting in your bathroom.

Designing Modern Bathrooms

Bathroom amenities include floor heaters or fireplaces in those colder climes and stereo systems or TVs for people who crave entertainment while soaking in the tub. Check out some of the more popular modern bathroom amenities.

Bathroom Safety and Maintenance

Bathroom safety is crucial for anyone but even more so for people who need assistance. Find out how to make your bathroom safe and how to design it with easy cleaning in mind.

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