How to Design a Linen Closet

Your linen closet can be this picture perfect, too.
Your linen closet can be this picture perfect, too.
Nickolas Muray/Getty Images

Is your linen closet a place you avoid at all costs because you have items so crammed and jammed in there you can't find anything? Half-folded towels wadded up in sheets and an avalanche of pillows doesn't really make for a useful storage area.

Linen closets aren't just for passive storage of items, like attics and basements. These are items you need to access on a weekly, sometimes even a daily, basis. So if you can't find your bed sheets unless they fall on your head, it's time for a linen cabinet makeover.

As with any collection, it's going to be a lot easier to manage if it's well-edited. This means it's finally time to get rid of those dated pillow cases from college and your teenage son's Superman sheets. Make room for the items you actually use. Read on for some tips and tricks to designing a functional and fashionable linen closet.