How to Design a Linen Closet

Linen Closet Organization

How to organize your linen closet depends on how many different sets of linens you're dealing with on a weekly basis and how much space you have in your closet. Ideally, each room will have its own section -- one for the master bedroom, another for the master bath, one for each kid's bedroom and another for the kid's bath. Choosing this method not only makes it easy to stay on top of laundry at a quick glance, it also makes it easier to keep the space organized.

But if space is at a premium, you can just stack like items together for easy access. Save the high shelves for items you don't have to reach regularly, like beach towels and guest quilts, so you can keep the easy-to-access shelves clear for your towels and sheets. If there are linens that aren't used frequently, you may want to toss in a sachet to keep things smelling fresh. And finally, for a magazine-worthy linen closet that makes you feel like Martha Stewart every time you open it, be sure to fold towels and sheets so they fit on the shelves and stack neatly without pieces of fabric hanging over.

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