Are wall mount bathroom faucets right for you?

wall mount faucets
Put your faucets away and give yourself some more room.

When choosing a faucet style, there are two main things you need to take into consideration: fashion and function. The design needs to complement the décor in your bathroom, and you need to make sure the faucet functions like you need it to. For example, if you're outfitting a half-bathroom where people are just washing their hands, a standard faucet will probably do the trick. But if this is the sink where you perform your twice-daily facial regimen, you'll want a faucet that gives you enough clearance underneath the spigot and a little more space to work within the sink basin.

This means a wall-mount bathroom faucet may be just what the plumber ordered. Not only does it free up more counter space, but it can also be positioned a little higher on the wall to give you plenty of room to move in the sink. And fortunately, wall-mount faucets have recently made a come-back, so there are tons of different design styles to choose from.



Wall-mount Bathroom Faucet Installation

Even if you're a DIY master, you may want to leave wall-mount faucets in the hands of a plumber, because installation is a little trickier than with a regular faucet. Sink-mounted faucets connect to exposed plumbing lines that run up behind the sink and stay tucked behind the vanity. But since wall-mounted faucets aren't attached to the sink, the plumbing lines are installed in the wall.

It's not a bad idea to ask your plumber to install an access panel in case you need to get in there again to fix a leak -- that way you won't have to rip your wall apart. Another consideration when installing a wall-mount faucet is the basin that the water will flow into. Ideally, the faucet should run right into the drain in the middle of the sink. If you choose a sink that's too shallow or the faucet is mounted too low, you're going to have to deal with a lot of water on your floor and countertops.


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