How to Turn a Bedroom Into a Sewing Room

Your machine deserves its own room. Let it shine!
Your machine deserves its own room. Let it shine!
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There's nothing like putting your foot to the pedal and sewing a long, straight seam. It's more relaxing than a drive in the country on a Saturday afternoon. Try to explain that to anyone who doesn't sew, though, and they'll look at you like you've gone off the deep end. Sewing can have some of the same relaxing, heart-healthy qualities of meditation -- or a nice cup of hot tea.

When it's time to find a better location for your sewing passion than the dining room table, annexing a bedroom can solve some big problems, like creating enough storage space. A sewing machine may have a small footprint for a table or desk, but the fabric, thread, cutting mats and other tools can be space hogs. And there are also many small items that can become temporarily misplaced (substitute lost here), like the cording foot you haven't seen since you finished that throw pillow project a couple of years ago. Won't it be nice to find the right interfacing or set of covered buttons when you need them -- without having to search through a pile of boxes and bags?

After one of the kids has headed off to college or you've finally decided that occasional guests can just share the bedroom with your trusty serger, it's time to take a look at some sew smart strategies for turning a sleeping space into the sewing room you've always wanted.


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