How to Create a Meditation Room

Sometimes, you just need a quiet place to breathe. See more stress relief pictures.

In our increasingly busy Western society, more of us are turning to the age-old Eastern practice of meditation. The reduced stress and increased focus that meditation gives us ultimately offers up a long list of physical and emotional benefits. And that's precisely what you'll gain from having a room dedicated to your meditation.

A meditation room should pretty much mirror your state of mind while you're meditating -- clear and uncluttered. This room is meant to be a sacred space to ground yourself and silence all of that inner chatter that bullies you throughout the day. It should be a space that makes you want to take refuge in its walls, rather than make you stressed that you have to clean it up before you can actually use it. Most of us will probably use a room inside our homes, but if you have a place outside for your meditation room, even better.