How to Create a Meditation Room

meditation room
Sometimes, you just need a quiet place to breathe. See more stress relief pictures.

In our increasingly busy Western society, more of us are turning to the age-old Eastern practice of meditation. The reduced stress and increased focus that meditation gives us ultimately offers up a long list of physical and emotional benefits. And that's precisely what you'll gain from having a room dedicated to your meditation.

A meditation room should pretty much mirror your state of mind while you're meditating -- clear and uncluttered. This room is meant to be a sacred space to ground yourself and silence all of that inner chatter that bullies you throughout the day. It should be a space that makes you want to take refuge in its walls, rather than make you stressed that you have to clean it up before you can actually use it. Most of us will probably use a room inside our homes, but if you have a place outside for your meditation room, even better.



Meditation Room Design Ideas

accessories for a meditation room
Candles, flowers and aromatherapy, oh my!

A meditation room has a couple of specific areas that need to be addressed when planning. How and where you'll meditate is a key factor. Do you prefer to sit in a chair or on a cushion on the floor? Or maybe you kneel, depending on where you are in your practice. Whatever your preference, you need to make sure you have a comfortable area to do it in.

If you spend most of your time on the floor, make sure you have plenty of comfy cushions or a mat that can support your stance. If you sit or kneel, make sure you have the right bench or chair to use.


Another common area in a meditation room is a prayer table. This is where you place your altar, which consists of any elements that help you keep focused while meditating. It could be photos of deities or gurus, or maybe just a group of candles. This table provides a focal point to help keep you centered so you can stay on track. If you use music, you may want to set up a speaker system so that the music appears to surround you. Or, you can always just bring in your CD player.

Decorating Meditation Rooms

orange, flowered wall
There's way too much going on here for a meditation room.

Decorating any room is always the fun part, but you don't want to go overboard with tchotchkes in your meditation room. You should only surround yourself with beautiful and meaningful items, not a bunch of clutter that will ultimately distract from why you're there.

Meditation rooms should always be painted with light and relaxing colors. Greens and blues are great choices, but you wouldn't want to use red or orange -- these colors are too stimulating and provocative.


Candles provide great ambience, and so does natural light. Objects of higher authority are common finds in meditation rooms to help bring feelings of peace. These can be in the forms of statues or photos -- whatever evokes a positive and grounded feeling. And you may also want to include a dream board that you've created. This is a large piece of paper or poster board filled with images that remind you of your goals and deepest desires. It's believed that if you meditate on these things and envision them in your life, they will come to you.

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