10 Companies Utilizing Green Construction

Google offers its employees free bicycles.
Google offers its employees free bicycles.
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The Internet powerhouse synonymous with Web search is also known for having an impressive corporate headquarters known as the "Googleplex," located in Mountain View, Calif. In June 2007, the company completed its installation of solar panels on the headquarter's campus, with a capacity of 1.6 megawatts and using more than 9,000 solar panels, which provide 30 percent of the facility's electricity needs. And talk about locally produced food -- the café in the Googleplex often takes from the on-campus vegetable garden. These, in addition to numerous other green features, are why the Googleplex achieved Platinum LEED certification, the highest available.

Google's other offices around the world are no exception, as the company has 10 other LEED-certified facilities. Google pursues a healthy environment with low VOC-emitting paints, carpets and sealants, and seeks energy efficiency with Energy Star-rated equipment. Their Hyderabad, India, and Sydney, Australia, locations also have wastewater treatment systems onsite.

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