How To Mount a Solar Panel, in 7 Steps

How much do you know about solar panels?
How much do you know about solar panels?
Lester Lefkowitz/Getty Images

Solar panels are quite possibly the future of home-energy production. Solar panels are somewhat costly to buy, but once you've purchased the panels and installed them, the money you will save in the long run will become exponentially greater as energy prices increase.

Perhaps you've purchased your first solar panel, and you don't want to pay a pricey contractor to install it for you. You're a handyperson, capable with a tool belt, well-versed with the hammer, nail, screwdriver and drill. This project might just be for you.

Before you go off putting up solar panels willy-nilly, make sure to check with your local zoning board. Some communities aren't comfortable with solar panels and others require special permits. Take care of that legalese before you install solar panels.

Learn to mount our own solar panel in 7 steps.