How long should building a house take?

By: Becky Striepe

Author's Note

When I was in elementary school, my parents bought a house in a development that hadn't been built yet. Ours was only the second house in the neighborhood, so there were quite a few delays in the construction process. I still remember living in the townhouse we rented for the year it took to build and visiting the job site with my mom on the way to school a couple of mornings a week. It was almost magical watching this pile of dirt slowly become the house where I spent most of my childhood.

When my husband and I decided to buy a house in 2006, new construction wasn't even on our minds. We wanted an old house with character, but when we began to outgrow our little two bedroom, one bathroom space, I once again found myself in the middle of a construction zone while we built an addition. The project was nothing compared to building a house from scratch, and it definitely gave some me perspective about what that year in the townhouse must have been like for my parents. It's not quite as magical when you're in the middle of all of those decisions, but that makes moving in to the finished space that much more satisfying.


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