How to Tint Your Home's Windows

Maintaining Tinted Windows
Tinted windows aren't any more difficult to maintain than plain windows.
Tinted windows aren't any more difficult to maintain than plain windows.

­After installing window films, maintaining them is the next priority. Window films can be cleaned only after they've been fully cured. Most window cleaning solutions can also be used on window films. Alternative cleaning solutions also include vinegar and water or soap and water solutions. Most manufacturers and installers do ­recommend avoiding abrasives, from chemicals to rough paper towels.

Even with perfect maintenance, window films can need to be replaced over time. The average lifespan of window film ranges from about 10 to 15 years. Most film manufacturers offer at least a five-year warranty, while other films come with lifetime warranties.

Some film manufacturers will extend the warranty to the glass in the window, as well. This extension is usually made because making a change to the glass, such as adding window film, can void the window manufacturer's warranty. It's important to know all of the warranty information on both your windows and the window film before installation.

While window film is removable, some films come off more easily than others. Many professionally installed films have to be scraped off of the windows. While do-it-yourself films are easier to remove, they still can't be reused because of the adhesive bond [source: Birkenmeier].

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