Thermostat Maintenance Tips

Replacing a Thermostat

There are several crucial steps to consider when replacing your thermostat. Replace a faulty thermostat with a new one of the same voltage. The thermostat must be compatible with the heating system. Here's how to replace a thermostat:

Step 1: Remove old thermostat. Take faceplate off old unit, and look for mounting screws. Remove screws to release thermostat from wall. Remove wires from back of old thermostat by turning connection screws counterclockwise. Be careful not to let loose wires fall down between walls.


Step 2: Clean exposed wires by scraping them with utility knife until wire ends shine. Attach wires to new thermostat. New thermostat must have the same electrical rating as old one.

Step 3: Once wires are attached to replacement thermostat, push wires back into wall, and tape up opening to prevent cold air inside walls from affecting thermostat.

Step 4: Install mounting screws to secure new thermostat to wall. If thermostat has mercury tube, set unit against level during installation; mercury tube thermostats must be exactly level.

Step 5: Snap faceplate back into place. Make sure new thermostat turns heating/cooling system on and off when temperature setting is adjusted.

Following the easy guidelines in this article will ensure that you can successfully maintain and replace your thermostat when the time comes. ­

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