How to Carpet a Stairway

The carpeting on stairs takes a lot more abuse than regular room carpeting, and it often wears out much sooner. But don't worry, replacing a worn stair runner or carpeting a bare stairway is no problem when you know the technique, and this article will give you the information and instructions you need to complete the job.


  • pliers
  • vacuum cleaner
  • measuring tape or rule
  • chalk or pencil
  • work gloves
  • small handsaw
  • hammer
  • heavy scissors
  • 3/4-inch-thick piece of scrap wood
  • staple gun
  • utility knife with sharp heavy-duty blades
  • awl
  • tack hammer
  • stair wedging tool or broad-bladed chisel
  • knee kicker, available on rental from most carpet dealers


  • tack-less carpet fastening strips
  • heavy rubber or felt stair carpet padding
  • paper
  • heavy-duty staples
  • carpet runner

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