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Making hardwood flooring decisions can be intimidating. Explore hardwood flooring tips and options at HowStuffWorks.

This area rug inlay DIY flooring project adds a unique element to your home's decor. Learn about this area rug inlay flooring project from HowStuffWorks.

This patchwork rug DIY flooring project adds a unique element to your home's decor. Learn about this patchwork rug flooring project from HowStuffWorks.


These flooring tips and tricks take the guesswork out of choosing between home flooring options. Learn flooring tips and tricks from HowStuffWorks.

It's a lot glossier than your home's hardwoods. But there's more to it than that. How does sports flooring go easy on athletes' knees?

By Charles W. Bryant

Laminate flooring is cheaper than wood, doesn't need to be nailed, sanded, stained or finished, and is quite resistant to scratches, denting, fading and stains.

By Richard Winter

If you've ever wanted an exotic wood for your floors -- but worried about the price -- you've probably thought about buying laminate floors. What makes laminates look so much like the surfaces they mimic?

By Jennifer Hollowell


So you want to make your home as environmentally friendly as possible. You set up your compost bin, install low-flow toilets and buy energy-efficient appliances. But when it comes to your floor, is bamboo the greenest you can go?

By Tiffany Connors

Your car. Your clothes. Your home. Almost anything you can think of has a green alternative, including the floor beneath your feet. But where can you buy these materials?

By Molly Edmonds

Experts have linked electromagnetic fields (EMF) to leukemia and other cancers in children. Could this happen from radiant floor heating, too?

By Charles W. Bryant

Some people dismiss wall-to-wall carpeting as a dubious decorating choice, especially when it harbors dust mites, pet dander and mold spores. Does carpet also have ramifications for your health?

By Jennifer Horton


Can the same stuff in my placemat make wood floors? What does bamboo have to do with green building?

By Stefani Newman

Repairing driveway cracks is a simple and rewarding project. Find out the keys to repairing driveway cracks to stop a smaller problem from becoming a larger one.

Installing carpet can be done easily in any room with the right tools and a little patience. Find out what materials you need and the steps to follow to complete a wall-to-wall carpet installation project.

By Editors of Consumer Guide

Stairways are high-traffic areas where carpeting may wear out more quickly than in rooms. Use these instructions for a step-by-step guide to replacing stairway carpeting or adding carpet to bare stairs.

By Editors of Consumer Guide


Repairing floors is easy if you know what you're doing. From annoying squeaks to sanding hardwoods, learn how to do it yourself when it comes to floor problems.

By Walter Curtis

Today's resilient floors are a boon, but they can lose their attraction quickly when they're damaged. Fortunately, even the worst-looking damage is easy to repair. Learn how to repair resilient flooring.

By Editors of Consumer Guide

If you want a surefire way to improve the look, durability and value of your home, hardwood floors are the way to go. Besides being beautiful and hard-wearing, hardwood floors are environmentally friendly, too.

By Allison Klein

Overtime doors will develop a squeak for various reasons. Find out how to remedy this annoying problem with the help of this home improvement article.