House Painting

By: Fix-It Club
©2007 Publications International, Ltd. House painting is a quick and easy way to make an immediate change to the appearance of your home.

There's no better way to make an immediate change to the appearance of your home than with a new paint job. Remodeling is time-consuming and unsightly, while new landscaping takes time to grow in properly. But whether you're touching up the front porch or creating a whole new look for the kitchen, it's easy to create an instant impact simply by slapping on a fresh coat of paint.

The previews at the bottom of this page will take you to articles that will teach you everything you need to know about preparing your home to be painted, choosing the right paints and tools for the job at hand, and using the right technique to get paint where you want it to go, both inside and out. Before a single drop of paint goes on a brush, you'll want to be sure everything's ready, and these articles will help you to paint your house like a pro.


House Painting Tools

Different surfaces call for different means of applying paint. Review these tools to find the right ones for your job.

Room Painting Techniques

Peruse these different methods for recommendations on how to use your painting tools effectively and efficiently.

Painting Interiors

A door is not a floor, so you wouldn't paint them the same way. Check out for this section advice on the best method to paint the many surfaces inside your home.

Interior Painting Preparation

Preparation is a key part of any painting job. These tips will get you going.

Interior Paints

Know the right paints to use in each room of the house. These paints have different uses, compositions, and characteristics for you to consider.

Painting Exteriors

Painting in the outdoors presents a host of new challenges. Learn the best way to dress up the outside of your house by reading this article.

Exterior Paints

Surface and weather are just two of the factors to consider when selecting the right paint for your house.

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