Decoupage Lampshade

Spice up a plain lampshade in a couple of easy steps.
Spice up a plain lampshade in a couple of easy steps.

Aren't some lampshades boring?  Bring your personal style to light with a little fabric and shoe polish. 



  • a lampshade
  • fabric
  • Modge Podge
  • scissors
  • paintbrushes
  • shoe polish
  • rags


  1. Choose a plain lampshade that does not have a slick surface. A smooth but porous surface works best.
  2. Pick a fabric with a pattern of an appropriate scale for the size of the shade.
  3. Cut out images from the fabric. Try not to handle the fabric so much that it frays.
  4. Paint a coat of Modge Podge a little larger than the fabric cutout on the lampshade. Thin the Modge Podge with water if necessary, but don't make it runny. Place the fabric on the shade while it is wet and paint a layer of Modge Podge over the fabric. Do not smooth the fabric — let it crinkle a little. Repeat with all of the cutouts.
  5. Let the shade dry.
  6. With a rag, gently rub brown or black paste shoe polish over the shade. This will accentuate the crinkles, and darken the entire shade. Start with a small amount and work up to a heavier coat if desired.
  7. The shade can be left like this, or can be sealed with a coat of clear spray lacquer.