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How to Fix Drywall Holes

Fixing a Large Hole

Let's say the hole you have is pretty big. Maybe it's a good-sized hole in a wall between two studs. Perhaps you hit the brakes a bit late and slammed into the back wall of the garage. No worries. You can fix it, too. And it's relatively easy.

Step 1:

Cut out a large square piece of drywall that will fit between the studs. This will be your patch piece. Place the square patch over the hole, just like the instructions call for in repairing a small hole. Using a pencil, trace around the edges of the patch.


Step 2:

Use a utility knife to score along the lines you just traced. You don't have to cut too deep. It will make the next step easier. Using a straight edge and a drywall knife — a utility knife is harder to use in this situation — cut and remove the gypsum from the damaged drywall. (Important safety tip: As you peel the drywall away, make sure you expose the studs.) Smooth the rough edges of the drywall with sandpaper.

Step 3:

Since the opening is between two studs, you can simply place the patch over them. Screw the patch onto the studs using drywall screws and a power drill.

Step 4:

Place a few strips of mesh drywall over the edges of the patch. The mesh will have a sticky backing, so it's easy to apply. Cut the overhang with the utility knife. Next, using a putty knife spread joint compound over the mesh and heads of the screws.

Step 5:

Once the compound is dry, sand it down and remove any loose compound. The repaired wall is now ready to be primed and painted.

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