How to Hang a Window Scarf

Not every window needs fancy drapery or curtains. Some windows, such as in your bedroom or den, will suffice with a bit of window dressing. That's when you want to hang a window scarf. A window scarf is a piece of material that simply hangs in front, or on the sides, of a window. It's not a very elaborate curtain, but it dresses up the window nevertheless. All you really need is the material and the hardware to hang the scarf. There are a number of ways to hang a scarf. You can use a curtain rod and simply drape the scarf over the rod, or you could hang the scarf between two brackets and let it curve in the middle [source: Dummies]. All you need is a bit of imagination. So continue reading to learn how to make and hang a simple window scarf.

Materials needed:


Here's what to do:

  1. Buy the fabric of your choice. The fabric should be twice as long as the area you wish to cover.
  2. Lay the fabric out on a flat area.
  3. Cut it to the desired length.
  4. Fold the fabric accordion-style lengthwise. You can make the folds any size you wish. Secure the folds with safety pins.
  5. Install two brackets on either side of the window and lay a pole across them.
  6. Pin the fabric in place, using thumb tacks. The thumb tacks should be placed next to the brackets that will support the scarf [source: window-treatments-made-easy].
  7. Drape the fabric over the pole and remove the safety pins.
  8. Remove the thumb tacks from the fabric and even out the ends. Pull down the center of the scarf a bit at the top of the window.