Top 10 Holiday Organizing Tips

A disorganized holiday can get out of control quickly.
A disorganized holiday can get out of control quickly.
Ryan McVay/ Digital Vision/Thinkstock

Organization usually makes life easier and less stressful. But it can be even more important -- perhaps even essential -- before, during and after a major holiday. Just imagine what it would be like to haul out poorly labeled boxes of haphazardly packed holiday supplies in a last-minute attempt to find what you need. Before you know it, you may be drowning in a sea of musty tablecloths, burned-out lights and broken ornaments -- without having accomplished your holiday preparation goals.

Taking the steps to get everything in order ahead of time can help you avoid these situations and have much more fun with every holiday. For example, when Christmas ornaments are organized and easy to find, there's more time left to enjoy the process of hanging them on the tree. And the same goes for other aspects of the holiday seasons -- from parties and family dinners to gift giving. Simple actions like making lists, setting deadlines and choosing the right storage containers can help ensure you have the best time possible. And putting it all in order again afterward sets the stage for next year's celebrations.

But before you can take the first steps toward getting organized, you need to start with a little advance planning. Keep reading to find out more about this and several other strategies for managing the holiday season.