10 Impossibly Clean TV Homes


Just the Ten of Us

They sure could spin off a sitcom in the old days. "Happy Days" led to "Laverne and Shirley" and "Mork and Mindy;" "All in the Family" spawned "Maude," "The Jeffersons" and even the short-lived "Gloria." And you can thank Mike Seaver (played by Kirk Cameron) and "Growing Pains" for "Just the Ten of Us."

This show featured the stereotypical Catholic family, the Lubbocks, whose dad was Mike Seaver's coach on "Growing Pains." Eight children ranging from a baby to four teenagers, occupied the Lubbock household; yet their family room looked like the display at a furniture store. I don't even have half as many children as the Lubbocks did, yet our house can't stay neat through one meal.

While Coach Lubbock devoted his days and nights to keeping the boys at his school from dating his daughters, mom Elizabeth spent all her time holding baby Harvey and helping her girls solve their preteen and teenage problems. With all that counseling and listening, she wouldn't have time for vacuuming, changing linens, or cleaning a toilet. And yet the house (large for a coach's salary) stayed neat and clean. If life imitated art, maybe we'd all have eight kids!