10 Impossibly Clean TV Homes


Married With Children

How to describe the Bundy Family? Al was crass, Peg was tacky, Bud was perverted and Kelly was just plain slutty. Fox made "Married with Children" famous as the family you didn't want to be. But as socially dysfunctional as they were, their home was clean and functional as any other on TV.

Granted, Al and Peg didn't have the best taste. Al was disheveled, wrinkled and kept his hand in his pants as often as he could. Peg's makeup looked like it was done by a circus clown, and her skin-tight outfits were long past their prime. And, this lack of taste flowed over to their home's d├ęcor. But, while the Bundy house was ugly, bland and out of date, it was not dirty. In fact, it was exceptionally neat considering Mr. and Mrs. Bundy and their absolute inability to be productive.

Likewise, the children, Bud and Kelly, were not exactly doing Saturday morning chores and earning allowances. Bud used his intelligence to be a con artist, Kelly prided herself on her promiscuity, and both kids were too focused on leaving the house to stay around and help.

Fox broke new ground with this atypical sitcom, yet they didn't deviate from the standard of nice, clean TV home. Finally, the Bundys got their chance to be normal!