5 Tricks to Cleaning Windows and Mirrors

Clean windows let the sun shine through.
Clean windows let the sun shine through.
©iStockphoto.com/Tatiana Kakhill

Kids' handprints, dogs' nose prints, plain ol' dust and dirt that collects every few days -- there are endless reasons why your windows and mirrors are always dirty no matter how often you clean them. Attacking the mess with a store-bought glass cleaner and paper towels can leave behind streaks and lint, putting you in a worse situation than before the cleaning.

Don't worry; we have the solutions to all your glass-cleaning woes. Our 5 tricks will surprise you and leave you with windows that sparkle in the sunlight and mirrors that are clear enough to always show your best side. The first step is concocting, with our recipe, a cleaner that is stronger than any you'd have to pay money for.

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