How often should you clean?

How often should you clean your bathroom?

Wipe out your bathroom sink once a week.
Wipe out your bathroom sink once a week.
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Although the bathroom might be your least favorite place to clean, it sure needs the attention. On a daily basis, keep moisture levels at a minimum to avoid mold and mildew by using an exhaust fan and letting it run after your shower ends. Keep your shower curtains open so that they can air out and hang up bathmats up to dry. Also, be sure to wipe down or squeegee shower walls and wipe off mirror splashes.

During your weekly bathroom clean-up, thoroughly wipe your bathtub and shower stall with warm water and a bathroom cleaner to eliminate any built-up dirt. If you do see mildew growth, use some bleach or a mildew remover to take it off. Look carefully at your shower head for any mildew build-up too and clean it off.

Wipe out sinks and faucets with bathroom cleaner; scrub out toilet bowls with a toilet bowl cleaner and toilet brush. Straighten up any clutter that has accumulated over the course of the week. Clean off mirrors, change towels, and scrub counters and any additional surfaces. Dust builds up gradually, so it's important frequently to wipe down surfaces before the dust is even visible. Sweep the floor to get rid of accumulated dirt and hair and mop out as needed. And don't forget to empty the wastepaper basket.