How to Clean Your Bedding

Bedspreads and Blankets

Bedspreads are made from different kinds of fabric, many of which are washable. Bedspreads should be washed before they become heavily soiled. Treat spots and stains with a spray prewash product. Before you clean your bedspread, dip a corner in the detergent solution to check for colorfastness. If the color bleeds, have your bedspread dry-cleaned.

Use a large commercial washing machine for oversize bedspreads. An overcrowded washer won't clean very well, and the wet weight can be hard on your washer.

Dry the bedspreads on a clothesline or in a large, commercial dryer.

Although blankets are made of many different fibers and blends, most of them are washable by hand or machine. Even some wool blankets can be machine-washed.

If you really want to keep your blankets in top shape, follow these additional guidelines:

  • Vacuum blankets occasionally to remove dust and lint.
  • Air blankets on a clothesline periodically to freshen them.
  • Before you wash a blanket, mend or replace bindings and treat spots and stains.
  • Electric blankets should always be washed, not dry-cleaned, since cleaning solvents can damage the wiring. Mothproofing is harmful to the wiring, too.

Next on the agenda are comforters and quilts.