How to Clean a Porcelain Sink

Many sinks are made from porcelain or covered in porcelain enamel. Sometimes that shiny white finish can get dirty or even stained. Here are some tips for cleaning your porcelain sink:

  • General cleaning You can clean most basic dirt and food waste from your sink with dishwashing detergent. If you need a little more power, simply rub your sink clean with a sponge soaked in a solution of baking soda and warm water [source: Porcelain Enamel Institute]. Remember to only use nylon-covered pads, cloth or sponges when cleaning porcelain. Harsh, abrasive pads or excessive pressure can scratch and ruin your sink's finish [source: Housekeeping Channel].
  • Grease and soap scum To get rid of grease and soap-scum buildup, scrub your porcelain sink with 1 tablespoon of ammonia mixed in 1 gallon (3.7 liters) of hot water [source: Reader's Digest].
  • Coffee stains Scrub away coffee stains with a damp washcloth dipped in baking soda [source: Porcelain Enamel Institute].
  • Rust stains Borax is great for getting rid of many stains on porcelain, including rust. Create a paste from ΒΌ cup of lemon juice and 1 cup of borax. Rub the paste onto the stains with a sponge and then rinse clean with warm water [source: Reader's Digest].

You can restore porcelain's shine by scrubbing your sink with full-strength white vinegar. Rinse away the vinegar with cold water when you're done [source: Reader's Digest].