How to Clean Small Kitchen Appliances

Cleaning Electric Can Openers

An electric can opener is a great small appliance for the kitchen because it allows you to open cans with minimal effort. Better yet, an electric can opener requires only light care. Nevertheless, that light care needs to come on a regular basis.

Here are the handful of steps you need to take to keep your electric can opener in working condition:

  • Always remember to unplug a can opener before cleaning it; do not immerse the case in water.
  • Wipe the can opener after each use to remove food spills or drips. Use a sponge dampened in a warm soapy solution made from liquid dishwashing detergent.
  • Periodically remove the cutting wheel and lid holder and soak them in hot sudsy water.
  • Scrub caked-on food with a toothbrush; rinse, dry, and replace the parts.

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