How to Clean Video Games and Video Game Consoles

How to Clean a Video Game System

Keeping the game console and the table it sits on dust-free will help your system work smoothly.
Adam Gault/Thinkstock

They may be high-tech machines, but video game consoles are much easier to clean than the plastic discs they play. Bonus: No oral hygiene products are required to clean your game system! Regardless of which system you own, there are just three parts you have to worry about: the lens, the vents and the casing of the console itself.

The lens is every console's most delicate and temperamental component, as small flecks of dirt, dust or anything else can obscure the lens and degrade picture quality, hamper performance and even make your system unplayable. There's no need to send your machine back to the manufacturer for cleaning; instead, there are a variety of lens cleaners on the market that use everything from brushes to air to remove the dirt. These products will also work on any machine in your home that reads discs, from boom boxes to computers.


Cleaning your console is even easier. Rub a dusting tool over the machine's vents to keep them free of dirt, dust and other particles. This will keep the vents in good working order.

You just need a dry cloth to remove excess grime from the console's casing. If your machine is in need of a more serious scrubbing, lightly spray glass cleaner onto the cloth before wiping off the system. Make sure your cloth isn't too wet, because if any liquid drips past the casing and into the machine, you'll be shopping for a new system before you pick up that controller again.

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